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Since this is my own personal blog, I don’t mention a product unless I think it is totally worth the precious mod*betty mention. That being said, I think Sun & Earth cleaning products are cool enough to blab about for a moment.

If you don’t want to read all my blahblah below here’s the shortlist of why you should give them a try:

  • They work well
  • They’re natural
  • They smell nice
  • The company is local- well to me anyways, right down the street from where I work in King of Prussia PA
  • They’re not some giant petrochemical company that’s jumped on the green wagon just to make a buck
  • They seem like nice folks

Now just so you don’t think this is an infomercial, I do think some things could be improved with the design and packaging. Make labels easier to read* Make the overall package more aesthetically pleasing (more Method, less Ajax) so I would not mind having the bottles stay out on my counter. (oh yeah and there are a few things I’d improve on the website too, but I won’t bore you all with that!)

*Edited to note: I’ve been informed that new packaging/design is already in the works or already exists, so I have eliminated my specific complaints about those things  from the content below. Thanks S&E, you mind readers you!

sun and earth hand soap

Here’s my take on it:

Sun & Earth All Purpose Cleaner  -I  bought it because they were natural and local- figured it could not hurt to check it out. Works well and smells nice- a keeper!

Hand soap- A little background – my husband and I have been having hand soap wars because I was getting the generic refill for the pump but he really liked the Method foam soap, even though I thought it was decadently expensive. But since I managed to get some on sale, the bottle was stylish, the soap smelled nice and the color matched my kitchen, I gave in on this one.

This was until I got the Sun & Earth hand soap. Since I had both of them in the house I put one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I was amazed at how rough and dry my hands felt when using the Method, compared to the soft silky feeling of the Sun & Earth. I really could not believe that there was such a difference in the feeling. I’m sold on that count alone!  Substance over style on this one. Packaging is simple, no major issues. Wish it matched my kitchen better! Hubby asks if it comes in a foam?

Dishwashing liquid- I am very pleased at the amount of (oh god I do sound like a commercial) long lasting suds I get with just a little bit of this. Makes the cheap stuff I was getting before (but using more of) seem like not such a bargain.

Sun & Earth Laundry Detergent- This made our clothes smell nice though I was really unsure of how much to use. We have a High Efficiency washer so I think it would be a selling point for the label to have that generic yet recognizable HE logo on the front maybe where that big honkin Citrus Power thing is.
The biggest complaint/ suggestion for improvement on this one is the measuring cap is way too ambiguous. The label says “fill cap to Ultra line” but I’ll be damned if I can find an Ultra line on the cap. Also the instructions for HE say to use 1/4 capful, but that too is ambiguous- do they mean 1/4 from the very very top, or 1/4 from this mystery Ultra line?
Afraid of using too much and having a Very Sudsy Brady Bunch episode on my hands, I probably used too little, tho the laundry did come out nice smelling. I ended up putting a line with a sharpie on the cap, but still not sure I put it in the right place.

So there you go! Do something good for the environment, and support the Pennsylvania economy – give these folks a try!


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