I like! Jeff Schaller

Painter Jeff Schaller is a fave of mine, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see one of his paintings being recreated at the mall in Exton last fall (OK so this post is late, sue me). I am proud to say I overcame my fear of  being in public and joined in, even going so far as to asking the lady for a good square when I saw she was handing me a boring one.

Here’s what I got:schaller-houseas you can see it was kind of like paint by numbers- I got a lil carried away at one point, painting past the edges of my square, but I hope no one minded!

Here’s what the real deal looks like:


Here’s what the real one looks like in the context of the entire painting:


This gets my mind to wandering and wondering where the mural we helped to paint ended up?


January 30, 2009. designy, I like!, photoing.

One Comment

  1. aubsie2 replied:

    a. better late than never on a posting about this
    b. way to get over your fear of being in public. i need to re-learn that
    c. double way to go on asking for a better square. i totally need to learn that!
    d. the mod*betty inspiration continues!

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