A lot of stuff going on this December in Phoenixville mostly, that I wanted to make sure folks knew about!

Wednesday December 3- Cliff Hillis plays Steel City, Clay Bird making at Phoenix Village Art Center

Friday December 5- Repeal of Prohibition! Cocktails for all!

Saturday December 6- Phoenixville Holiday House tour– I made a wrong turn during the first one of these I went to, and found out that the Hacienda was for rent, so you gotta love this!

Saturday December 13- Firebird Fest!

Sunday December 14- White Christmas at the Colonial Theatre

Thursday December 18- Cartoon Christmas Trio at Iron Hill- a tradition for us, the lovers of Guaraldi inspired Christmas music.

(OK so these 2 are not in Phoenixville)

Saturday December 20th Librarian Dance/ Bibliodiscotheque!, Philadelphia
Sunday December 21 Cliff Hillis plays the Tin Angel

(but these 2 are in Phoenixville)

Saturday December 20th, Sunday December 21-  It’s a Wonderful Life at the Colonial Theatre

Thursday December 25 (yes, I know) The Hillis Brothers play Christmas Day/Eve “Get out of the house” at Arenas, Rehoboth DE


December 2, 2008. cocktail culture, I like!, looking fwd2, randomania.

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  1. aubsie2 replied:

    I never knew that’s how you found out the Hacienda was for rent! Too cool! By the way, I must say, your organization amazes me. I strive to be you.

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