Big City plan, Small Town Day

June 2, 2007

What I did today instead of driving to Manhattan to see a Warhol movie at MOMA:

Went to a garage sale.

Walked with Cliff and Rigby to Reeves Park, saying hello to Jen and her boys going to the pool.

Walked down Main, passing the library and noting signs for more garage sales.

Stopped at yard sale on Main; lady gave Rigby a bowl of water, Cliff bought a train whistle.

Continued on Main to Historical Society where the Strawberry Fest was going on.

Took a look inside the church at the white elephant stuff for sale, saw copy of Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones LTD, my fave Monkees album, but I have multiple copies already.

Went outside to hold dog so Cliff could take a look at the thrift inside.

Joined the Historical Society.

Saw old timey map of Phoenixville but it did not have our street on it so I did not buy.

Said hello to Mary from the theatre, told her we’d be there tomorrow for The Thin Man.

We got a burger and a dog and a diet coke and sat at the tiniest card table ever. Rigby laid underneath.

Saw neighbor Don in line for egg salad as I went to get strawberries over vanilla ice cream (how can you go to a strawberry fest and not get strawbs?)

Don sat with us at better card table- more shady but still tiny!

Discussed neighbors with Don.

Left strawb fest and continued down Main

Noted opening of Hipster Home.

Crossed Bridge and walked along canal to Farmers Market.

Bought Rigby a bottle of water at market, no tomatoes or strawb jam alas, said hey to folks there.

Walked to Steel City for iced tea and coffee and air conditioning

Saw Fern and Eric the ukulele guy, Jane too.

Left Steel City and checked out new “World Mart” store, amazed at $36 record bowls.

Checked out new bookstore across the street, bought Dictionary of American Architecture, which was on my list!

Decided against cheese shop as we were beat, headed up Main towards home.

Passing Strawberry fest, note that all thrift in church is now $1 a bag.

I get bag, fill with aforementioned Monkees record, old cookbooks, jigsaw puzzle and Whipped Cream and Other Delights, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Cliff gets bottle of water for Rigby.

Head home via Reeves Park.

Pass Jen’s house; talk with Cole who is back from pool.

Go into house, time for a nap for all!

Go to Mexican restaurant next to Kohn’s tavern.

Pet weimy pup called Layla.

Stop at Gateway for something for Cliff’s poison ivy, I look at tchatckes.

Drop Cliff at home, I head to Acme for cheese and energy drinks.

Come home and cool off, we’ve done a lot of stuff!

Check out booty from dollar bag sale.

Feed Rigby his din.

Check email.

Head outside to backyard to plant sunflowers.

Chat with old lady neighbor Mary, Alex her husband will be 88/89 in July.

Cliff just arrived home from early gig, we’re going to sit on the patio and have a drink!

Big City plan, Small Town Day- Just fine with me!


November 11, 2008. randomania.

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