LUPEC- love it!

a few years ago I was gathering up information for a birthday trip to Pittsburgh. Yes, I am the type of gal that goes to Pittsburgh for her birthday. A pal of mine had written a lengthy article about the Burgh for his magazine, so I had a list to start with and knew I wanted to check out some of the places.

One of the places was the Suburban Room. With the name Suburban and that wonderful green vitrolite exterior, how could I not want to check out the Suburban Room. That is SO up my alley!

the suburban room

Bad news -when we arrived in town, the Suburban Room was closed. And even worse, the original incarnation had closed for good ( the old owner  had passed away) and it was being reopened into a place that served wings and showed sports. If this is progress yo u can have it.

Good news- in trolling the interweb for info about this place I discovered LUPEC– Ladies United to Preserve Endangered Cocktails, and knew instantly I had found some kindred spirits. They had visited the Suburban Room a few years prior to my visit, and I can’t thank them enough for snapping photos of the wonderful place- and of course for starting a kick ass organization like LUPEC!

Since then LUPEC has blossomed like gin across the country- Boston has an active chapter, and I know NYC, Philly, Denver and other hotspots have joined the cause. I tried to start a chapter, but with the busy lives of the gals I know, we decided we could not do the name justice, and became instead the Queens of Prussia.

So I raise my cocktail glass to LUPEC, and toast the memory of the Suburban Room!


November 9, 2008. Tags: . cocktail culture, I like!, lovely ladies.

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