Road finds

On the way home from a work thing that lasted a couple of days in Macungie PA (where? indeed!) I visited a couple of places that had been on my list for awhile. I did not have my Bettymap with me, so it was happenstance that I found ’em.

Zandy’s Steak Shop, Allentown PA

I had driven past this place before, the sign standing out like a beacon in an otherwise beige stucco corner building. I managed to grab one of the few diagonal parking spaces out front and was greeted by a “pepto-bismol pink” (as my mother would say) interior, with little else changed from the 1940 photo on the wall. You’d never know how PINK this place was from outside for sure! Service quick, steak sandwich fine, glad I stepped back in time for this one.

Ott’s Exotic Plants, Schwenksville PA

I’d actually passed this place before I saw the hill o’ mums and that was enough to make me turn around in the parkinglot of the grocery store next door to check out this place. Looks like it has been around forever- part victorian greenhouse, part storybook cottage. The hill ‘o mums has to be seen to be believed, and I can’t wait to go back there to hang out in the greenhouse under the huge palm trees in the middle of winter!

more photos on my mod*betty flickr page!


October 18, 2008. road*betty.

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