The Bystander was an independent monthly arts and entertainment magazine published out of Rehoboth Beach Delaware from 2003-2006.

I found the first issue at the Barn Door (RIP) in Wilmington and recalled that Phil Healy (alas RIP) said friends of his had moved to the beach just as we moved away, and had started the mag. I was intrigued and excited about what I saw and emailed them with a few suggestions, only to be met with my nemesis response, “…sounds like a great idea, why don’t YOU do it? Thus began my creative relationship with the Bystander.

I began with a monthly column called Unchained, covering independent retail, restaurants and generally cool places. Later, as my life was spent on more roadtrips with my musician husband, I penned the column “The Everyday Life of a Rock & Roll Wife”. I also wrote  the occasional music reviews, interviews with designers, artists and bands, created ads for both my Mod*Betty space in Newark and my husband’s music. I was most thrilled to have been able to design 3 full color covers as well.

Since the Bystander no longer exists, I wanted to at least have a place where I could collect my contributions and share them!


September 18, 2008. randomania.

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