200,000 miles, 70 degrees and 1000 views!

On a totally unseasonable 70 degree January day, I decided that Cliff and I should take a road trip- this was not a day to be wasted cleaning the Hacienda! Anyhow on our way up to the Anthracite Region my good old reliable 1997 Honda Civic turned 200,000 miles! Big shout outs go to our dream friend Martin Shilton, who always asked how long I wanted to keep the car before determining what repairs need to be made. I believe it is a testament to my driving skills that I am still on the original clutch on this baby, but alas after almost 10 years the Velvet Crush sticker on my rear windshield isn’t looking as good as it once did (do any of us?).

Then when I just logged onto Myspace I noticed that I had 1000 views of my site! Ah round numbers, they are so much like New Year’s Eve- you wait and wait for them and rejoice when they finally arrive, but alas they only stay for a short bit, and then its 200,001 and back to the reality of the day.

The reality of today was-a beautiful day, a tasty hot turkey sandwich at the Sunrise Diner in Jim Thorpe and discovering 2 new thrift stores. Already making plans for our next day trip to Bethlehem, and no we won’t be taking a donkey. Hope everyone else out there enjoyed todays weather and has the windows open wide at their respective Haciendae.

Tomorrow I look forward to attending the Colonial’s kickoff to the Audrey Hepburn month, starting with one of my favorite movies of hers, visually, Funny Face. That Face-Those Colors- The Fashions- The PHOTOGRAPY! Why even Fred Astaire will be there!

As they say at the end of the Candy Butchers EP, “Happy Day”!


January 6, 2008. I can't get it out of my head, randomania, road*betty.

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