L/A Sunday both sides now

At the request of some of my “fans” here is some more of the story about our wonderful trip to L/A….

Sunday was when our Chilis’ trip ended and our normal L/A type trip began. We got up early early to drop T&P off at LAX and also say goodbye to our Hertz rental. We were going to extend the rental on that car but when we saw how much we would have to pay, versus walking less than a block to Dollar, well let’s just say that the money saved would’ve bought all of us another breakfast at Chateau Marmont.

We drop T&P off, get the new car (Dodge Avenger? Plasticmobile, I would not want to buy one) and what do we pass on the way back from LAX but one of the famous Randy’s Donuts shops with the gargantuan Donut on the top. Not quite as fancy as my pain du chocolat of the day before, I order a chocolate glazed and it is quite tasty, almost as good as Suzy Jo’s near work. Snap a few photos, and then it’s back in the car, back to the Chateau, to soak up as much glamour as we can before we have to check out at noon.

Noon rolls around too soon- I gather up some commemorative matchbooks and Cliff is inspired to record some song ideas, so I also snap some photos of him playing his guitar in the room (I promise to get the flickr page done after the blogging, promise!). I am ready before Cliff and so I head down to the lobby to absorb it all, just in case we never get back here. I write down a few notes in my notebook (“Italian woman is giving the hostess a bad time. Agga & Jim would’ve liked this place. Out of my element, but what is my element? Mirrors everywhere, see and be seen, narcissism rules.” and surreptitiously snap some photos of chairs etc. Cliff checks us out, all has been taken care of by the Chili’s folks and we even had our bags brought down to the car- see, I could get used to this! The kind gentleman in the garage opens my door for me for the last time, and we head west on Sunset. One last glance up at the stately mansion on the hill, and we’re off to a new chapter of our trip.

We are to be staying in Los Feliz for the rest of our trip, in a cute little bungalow apartment where our friend Mark lives. I love this part of town, right near the Vista cinema. We won’t be heading over there just yet, as we’ve decided to head all the way down Sunset to the 405 and check out the Getty Museum.

The Getty is easy to get to, and free to get in once you pay for parking. Unfortunately Cliff and I forget that it is Mothers Day and the place is packed with Mothers and families and tons of kids. We have a tasty snack in the cafeteria, which is more like a giant cafe, with floor to ceiling windows, actually walls of glass, overlooking the beautiful view. The multiple buildings that house the collections are all made of while travertine and are just radiant in the sun. One detail I noticed and appreciated was that they had parasols at each exit so if you felt as if you were getting too much sun you could simply pick up one and save your skin.

My favorite exhibit was the John Humble photographs, and folks who know me and know my photos know that his stuff is right up my alley.

Our afternoon at the Getty was nice, and a break from our usual rock and roll city stuff, but soon enough we heard it calling and headed to Los Feliz. We get to Marks, and crack up at the fact that the key to the house is on the exact same Mr. T (don’t gimme no backtalk sucka!) keychain that Cliff has at home. I don’t think we were at the house but a few moments when Cliff calls Anna who says there’s an afternoon rockabilly show at the Echo, and our friend Gene might be playing. Never ones to say no to rock, we quickly change gears and clothes and Anna picks us up in her new to her Volvo. Hello, Sylvia!

Alas Gene was not at the gig, but I did see an older woman sporting the most glorious beehive this side of Bawlmer, hon, and was introduced to the delights of Wyders Pear Cider at the bar. It was still daylight out, and there were burgers and dogs grilling out back, but we weren’t sure that was how we wanted to roll. We did run into Anna’s boss and a pal of hers as well as Gene’s drummer. I should remember his name as they stayed with us when we lived in Wilmington, but that seems like another lifetime ago. It was nice to chat with the folks, but both Anna and I were racking our brains for something good to eat, which is something I think both she and I do on a regular basis anyways!

We decided to head to Bossa Nova, where I got my first cocktail to celebrate World Cocktail day- hello Queens of Prussia! I had to get a caipirinha of course, being in a Brazilian restaurant, and while I was told that it wasn’t 100% authentic (no cachaca) it was still tres tasty. We all had plenty of food and good conversation, and isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?!

Since it was still a rock night for us, we decided to go to one of my fave if not my fave bars in L/A, The Good Luck, which as I mentioned is just down the street from us. I love the black and red decor, the jukebox and the kickin’ maitai (just for you Queens of Prussia!)

Mark put on some Japanese Girl Group music from the ’60s’ and I was tickled to find the original version of the Valley of the Dolls theme on there too. No Vince Vaughn sightings like last time, which was a relief, and while Cliff and Mark ordered another round of whatever they were having, Anna was kind enough to drop me off at the pad on her way home. That way boys could be boys (and knowing them they were deconstructing pop music with unnatural vigor) while I got to get some sleep!

Speaking of sleep, it was funny to note that the beginning and end of today really marked the difference in this second leg of our trip out here. From croissants and ultraluxe accommodations at the Chateau to donuts from Randy’s and the aerobed in the back room of Mark’s place. I dig both and am just happy to be out here having such a great time!


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