L/A Saturday-I could get used to this!

So we’ve returned home from our great trip to Los Angeles, alas.  I am realizing that we’re forgetting some of the details already, so I thought I’d finish off this L/A blog just so I have it down somewhere at least.

Saturday morning I woke up very early still being on East Coast time. The bathroom at the Chateau was old but cool, and the tub was extra deep. I decided to take the longest hottest bubble bath ever, and it really was a treat. As I saw my red painted toenails contrasting against the seafoam green tiles, I still could not believe that I was actually staying here, and wondered how many famous people had walked the very same halls that we had walked. I realized that we were in a place that so many folks would never ever be able to visit, and I felt very lucky to be where I was.

I joined Cliff and T and P down in the dining room where they had already ordered breakfast. It was there that Patti informed me that unfortunately the place has a “No Photographs, please” policy, so my hopes of getting some good shots of the lovely interior and terrace were thwarted. I got a wonderful pain du chocolat and pot of tea, and it was just delicious.

Patti had expressed interest in seeing the La Brea Tarrrrrrpits (I can’t think of that without hearing Bugs Bunny say it) and so off we went. I had been there on my first trip to L/A in 98, but since then a huge county art museum has been built up next to it. We were able to drive past the El Rey Theatre, where I first met Cliff, but the Marquee was not lit up so I did not take a photo. It was neat to see “where it all began” however.

After the Tarrrrpits we headed somewhat aimlessly to Melrose. It’s funny because when I first visited the city almost 10 years ago I thought Melrose was kinda cool and funky. Perhaps it is a combination of it changing and me changing, but now it just reminded me a lot of South Street in Philly. Not that that is bad, but it is more like a highschool version of cool. We happened upon a little place on the corner called The Village Idiot and since the windows were open and it looked inviting, we went in and had a bite and a drink. The food was fabulous (shrimp fritter and cider for me) the ambiance was very open and casual yet somewhat classic, done in black white and grey. We later found out from Anna that the place had just opened, and was supposed to evoke a New York vibe, so our east coast instincts must’ve picked up on that.

We headed back to the Chateau, and after having discovered the pool earlier in the day, we headed there to have a cocktail. It was a bit chilly in the shade, but it was still nice to be able to hang out there. The Chateau was small, but definitely on a human scale, and it was hard to believe when we were there surrounded by tropical foliage and bamboo that we were mere feet from Sunseet Blvd. It seemed like we were totally removed from the city.

Our plan for dinner that evening was again courtesy of the hostess WITH the mostess, Anna, who met us at En Sushi on Hillhurst, in Los Feliz, my favey part of town. It is a bit confusing at the intersection of Sunset, Hillhurst, Hollywood at the Vista, but we found our way finally and met up with Cliff’s pal Kevin there too. Tasty rolls, drinks all around and great company. Sigh, this is the good life.

From there we weren’t sure what our plan was, so we decided to head over somewhat early to the Dresden to get a good seat for Marty and Elayne. If you have never heard of Marty and Elayne they are featured prominently in a night out scene in the movie Swingers. Cliff and I had seen them before, and loved them, and Cliff had even gotten them to autograph a CD and programme for me for one of my very first birthday presents from him. Kitschy for sure, but fun too! The Dresden was an old time dinner club, and the booths where you dine are just a Hollywood destinations to die for. Giant white naugahyde things.

We all had a cocktail too many, snapped photos, and generally had a grand time. I got total bonus points from Elayne for requesting “Old Cape Cod” by Patti Page- Marty told us she had not sung it in over 8 years, and since it was her birthday it was extra special. My love of old standards pays off!  We stayed there way too long and sang along, but isn’t that what you do on a Saturday night in Hollywood?

Actually what you do on Saturday night in Hollywood is to go from the Dresden to Bar Marmont, the bar associated with the Chateau. Folks who keep up on that type of thing tell me that “stars” hang out there, but I don’t think that anyone who I would consider a star these days (do I consider anyone a star?) would be there. It was cool to be seen at the scene, and fun to people watch. T’was a bit loud for me I have to admit, and I was just fine with the idea that we leave after just a couple of drinks. I remember sitting there looking at all of the bottles behind the bar and realizing that all bars are the same, really. I mean they pretty much all serve the same brands, it’s just the surroundings and the prices that vary.

Not to call it a night quite yet, we headed back to Le Chateau, where people were still meeting and drinking in the lobby. It was dimly lit for privacy I am sure, and there are all sorts of plush chairs and sofas arranged for conversation, so we got ourselves comfortable. We were immediately greeted by a server (who reminded me of Sancho Panza) even though it had to be past midnight or even one at this point. I got a club soda during this round, and we all soaked up the glamour, knowing our hours here were limited. It was not as hopping as the previous night, but still you knew that there were some deals being made and probably some “famous” people in our midst.

It was somewhat like Cinderella with the clock ticking towards midnight, since we knew that we all had to get up early in the morn- Tom and Patti to leave and Cliff and me to drive them to the airport, drop off the rental car, and check out of the Chateau. As Marshall Crenshaw says, “this moment won’t ever be here again” so we made the absolute most of it, savoring and appreciating every last bit. Then, when we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer, we headed up the stairs to the comfiest bed ever, for a night of satisfied slumber.


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