L/A Friday Night slideshow spectacular!

We’re just about to check out of the Chateau, and I think I will be forever spoiled from staying in a place as cool as this. It is a bit much, but what an experience!

Friday night we went to din at Minibar, where we had tapas and were surrounded by Margaret Keane paintings in a brown, white, orange and aqua color scheme. This is where we met up with Anna and it was great to see her after not being out here in forever. A couple of wacky turns later we found ourselves at the Charles Phoenix show. It has been unseasonably chilly here, which was a bit of a surprise to us east coasters, but the show was fun and seeing Cybil Shepard make a total ass of herself in the audience (she might as well have worn a sign saying “hey everyone look at me I am famous” it was so desparate) but the night was fun and the slides were a riot. I loved the roller rink organ player and kept trying to identify the tunes, the hula hooper was fab, but I wasn’t too sure about the pink poodle of the hotdog ambrosia. We got back to the hotel and I am sorry I let you all down but I was too cold and tired to go out for another drink, so I headed up to the most comfortable bed in the world and was asleep before Cliff even closed the door. He and Tom and Patti had a few outside under the heat lamps and said it was nice but I didn’t miss anything.

I will fill in about yesterday at some other time, we’re headed to get fried chicken and waffles and then going to the Getty Art Museum.

Having an incredible time!!


May 12, 2007. Tags: . road*betty.

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