L/A Friday- having a blast!

OK so the flight from PA was delayed about an hour and a half, so we didn’t get into town until 11pm. BUT we were staying at the Marriot right near LAX and not only was it a cool midmod place on the outside, it was tres comfy and we had a great view of the pool.

Today was just loverly- Anna suggested Pann’s googie coffee shop for breakfast and I took a bunch of photos. We then headed up La Cienaga to the New West Records office in Beverly Hills and got to see so many cool little haciendas (haciendae?) – there was no way I could take pictures of them all. We saw some of those crazy cottages made by the Disney set design guys, will have to learn more about them.

Cliff’s meeting with NW went well, and we had just enough time after that to head to…the Hustler Magazine offices? Yes folks, Mod Betty and co hung at Larry’s place for a while with old pal Keith V. Not really something I expected to do, but hey, when in Rome! Patti got some back issues and KV was happy to give out free tees. I am so glad to see he and M and A are doing well out here, it was great to hang even for that bit.

Now we’re here at Chateau Marmont, and I hate to disappoint all of you, but it seriously is the coolest place ever. Ever! Our room was not quite ready when we got here, so the desk comped us a round of drinks outside (Grey Goose and Cran thank you) and our room is just so full of vintage coolness that I almost had a heart attack. I have taken too many photos of things like tea kettles and Frigidare logos, but somehow I don’t think they can quite capture the ambiance here. It really is old school glamour, I really feel like we’ve stepped back in time 50-60 years and I love it. The vibe and atmosphere here is probably not appreciated by a lot of folks but I am so digging it that I almost want to cry, it’s so cool. They had old timey jazz on when we came into the room, and that just set the tone.

We’re heading out in a few moments to Minibar to meet Anna then off to Charles Phoenix. Our adventures have just begun but already it has been so great and I am so happy that I am literally jumping up and down.

Connie Peet, you would love this place. They’ve got Campari and everything.

This truly is La Dolce Vita, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.


May 12, 2007. Tags: . road*betty.

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