I like! The Bird and the Bee

We were lucky enough to get to see the band The Bird and The Bee for free last night and I highly recommend that you check them out if you have the chance. OK well actually luck had nothing to do with it, but I heard them and they were right up my alley for the most part (you know how I hate to try and articulate about music so I won’t even go there, but then again I don’t have to because you can check out their myspace and listen for yourself) and saw on their myspace that they were playing the World Cafe Live, so I went to that site and they did not have it listed, so I did some digging and saw that it was to be a free show to folks who heard about it from the XPN mailing list, so as soon as the list hit my mailbox I replied and voila! we got tix. see? luck!

Anyhow, Cliff was curious how much was talent and how much was studio trickery and we were both relieved to find them heavy on the talent and not so heavy on the pitch correction etc. Inara George’s voice was beautiful and haunting and on key, which is generous of me, and I normally am not a huge fan of contemporary girl singers. She was spot on. The doubled harmonies on the record were done live by 2 backup singers and Cliff was freaking out because someone Waronker was the drummer (we saw him earlier hanging out onstage chatting on his cell way before the show and he totally struck me as “hey look at me I am totally hanging out on stage talking on my cell”) but it was funny because I thought Cliff said it was Joey Lawrence on drums.

I got the CD at the show, which I rarely do, and have been digging it whilst driving to and from work. It is destined to be a springtime open the windows and putter around the house album, and I look forward to that happening very soon.


March 26, 2007. I can't get it out of my head, I like!, lovely ladies.

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