Date Night

Cliff is busy with gigs and recording from Thursday night straight on through until Sunday the 18th. Good for him, not so good for the dodo and me. So despite being totally exhausted from work and there being snow all over the ground I realized that if Cliff and I did not do something fun on Wed night then the window of opportunity would be closed for awhile.  So we went on an adventure, which is one of my fave things to do (just ask Madeleine) and had a great time.

What made it a good night:

No traffic on 76
Listening to the B&B on the way in
Easy parking space right across the street
$1 PBR/ $3 Mixed Drink specials
Has the smoking ban gone into effect? yippee!
Tasty onion rings and burger
Tunes to chat about on the stereo
Nice waitress (hooked up Cliff with a Happy Hour beer past HH)
Interesting monsters with interesting hairdoos
Listening to Allan Sherman on the way home (King Louie slays me!)
The fact that Cliff also enjoyed Allan Sherman (random CD picked from pile including FOW, Herb Alpert, Electronic, Enoch Light)
Getting home in time to check out commentary version of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (has nothing to do with the 1st flick, but entertaining in its Russ Meyer 70’s way)

And the best thing of all was knowing that we’re probably the only 2 people that we know who would dig all of that together!.

(We went to the Sidecar in Philly by the way, which is one of the first places in a very long time to stay “on the list”- come along with us next time!)


March 7, 2007. cocktail culture, randomania.

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