Vince Neil’s birthday at the Borgata

(This blog started as an email to a few of my pals so apologies for the casualness of the writing and format. Cliff has just put a blog of his own about the evening up on his, and he has a photo so you know we weren’t totally making it up!)

So Saturday with Vince Neil was cool in it’s own totally People Magazine type way. Cliff and I got to the Borgata at 3:30pm because Love Seed had a sound check at 4. We met up w/our pals Lisa and Pete, dropped our stuff in Pete’s room and headed to the Gypsy Bar for sound check. This is always the part I hate, the “hurry up to get there at 4pm even though you don’t play until 10pm”.

So we go down to the bar and they’re clearing everyone out for the soundcheck and Cliff is saying, “well I don’t know if you guys will be able to stay because they’re making everyone leave” and I said, “oooh, like who wants to see Love Seed soundcheck anyways?!” which is when Cliff clued me in on the fact that they were going to be soundchecking with Vince Neil. I can be so clueless! So Lisa and I hung and chatted and did that “we totally belong here” thing, cuz well we kinda did, and lo and behold not only did we not get kicked out but the waitress came over and asked us if we wanted something to drink. I stupidly declined, and I say stupidly because when she came back with Lisa’s drink the waitress said it was on the house! There were a few other random people hanging out, probably from the Tres Rios Tequila company, which is one of the reasons VN was there.

He came in, looking shorter than I expected, but I hear that is true with everyone famous. He went up on stage with Pete and Cliff and I snapped a few photos as they tried to figure out what they all knew together. Cliff had practiced a lot of Crue songs, but the other guys in the band had not, and there was some miscommunication because Vince was told that those guys knew Girls Girls Girls and they didn’t. Total Gaffe! It was kinda like watching “Karaoke with the Famous” because it was like “do you know this song? No, OK well how about this, well I kinda know that ….” But it was all cool.

I have never been a Crue fan in my life so I was not all freaked out to see him, but he seemed like a really cool regular rock type guy. Lisa on the other hand, having been a fan, was totally freaking out and trying to play it cool. I was trying to be unobtrusive so I snapped a few photos without my flash, they came out a bit blurry, and Cliff would not turn around so I only got his butt in it. They played Smokin in the Boys room, some Led Zep song, The RAMONES I wanna be sedated and tried a few more but he was only going to do 3 songs. Then it was time for him to go, and he went.

The one thing I thought was kinda cool was the fact that there were a number of folks lined up at the windows of the bar looking in at the soundcheck, and I for once was actually on the inside of the fishbowl, as opposed to being one of the folks looking in. That was kind of a neat feeling!

So we left, and then Cliff and I managed to borrow “cafeteria passes” from the LoveSeed folks, which enabled us to eat in the Staff Caf with all of the Borgata employees. Not really high end to say the least, but free! They had quite a few choices, salads, desserts, pizza etc and as I said to Cliff  “the less money we spend means the more money you make”!

We hung around our rooms until about 8 or so then Lisa and I figured we better get down there to make sure we got in. They were totally promoting the night and I didn’t want to have made all this effort and then not be able to get in. We went down there and there was another cover band playing until 10, so we ordered some grossly overpriced drinks and waited for Love Seed.

Long story short is that we knew where to stand when Vince was coming in so he walked right past us, with his entourage and his wife who looked like a total amazon stripper. The place went wild and he ended up playing 4 songs w/ Love Seed. They played the 3 they had practiced and then they were doing the thing I hate which was standing around on stage talking about what to play next and we are all waiting while they figure it out.

Well Cliff came to the rescue! Next thing you know he is picking out the beginning notes of Home Sweet Home on the guitar and the place goes wild! Everyone is singing along, there are lighters and cameras and rock fists in the air and it was a totally over the top moment, for me at least! I was just so psyched that Cliff knew the song, as it totally brought the house down. Then before you know it Vince is getting mobbed leaving the place and I am just glad it’s over so I can head upstairs, and not have to watch cover bands anymore…!t!


February 12, 2007. randomania.

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