These are a few of my favorite things- this week!

*Meeting with not one but two of Delaware’s finest gals, Rhonda and Heather at the LoHo on Thursday night-also cool to see Ken, Dave, Kalai, Brad, the ever so handsome Young Phil Young, Ryan,Ritchie, Kevin, Ian…the list goes on!

*Meeting with Delaware’s cutest married couple (now that we’ve moved out of state) Rob and Erin at Dogfish on Friday night-also swell to see Roger,..Jeb, Beth, Doctor Will, Brud, Martin, Linda, Jeff, Bob, what a great homecoming!

*Fried Chicken & Dumplings at Jimmy’s in Bridgeville, I heart country cookin’.

*Thrifting in DE- it’s just the best

*Meeting the rest of the Querey clan (Diane is still my fave) at Catherine Rooney’s on Saturday night-and of course congrats to Dan and Kelly. Great to see the inspirational Tom and Patti as well, you guys just rock!

*Hanging out Sunday night..with the coolest- Ed Shockley and his sidekicks Jill and Buck- Darlene was my fave, “I can’t talk to Santa on the phone, Buck, I don’t want him to know I’ve been drinking”!

*The entire gaggle of beachfolks at Arena’s on Monday night (early Malt Liqour day for some, luckily not all) the surprise guest of the evening Lisa O, Pete, T&P,Vegas baby Neal,..Lisa and Walt, Janet, “the professor and all the rest”

Too bad we had to come back home on Tuesday….

Remember, as Auntie Beth always says:
Just because they’re not blood doesn’t mean they’re not family!


December 28, 2006. I like!, lovely ladies, randomania.

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