Please vote for Cliff! He made the top 10!

Dear friends, family, pals and pets-

So this is totally crazy, but Cliff entered a “Chili’s babyback ribs” jingle contest and has made it to the top 10 finalists!! One step closer to joining the ranks of The Old 97’s and Bleu as Chili’s guys.

Now he has to get the most votes for his song between now and December 22, and he will win a big ol trip to L.A. and other rock and roll stuff.

Please help him by going to the link below and vote for


(You can listen to it and you will know that it is an army of Cliffs singing along)

You can vote 1 time a day per computer up until 12/22, so please set a reminder to do this every day and pass along this request to everyone you know who could take a minute to vote, and ask them to pass it along as well.

I will probably be sending out the occasional reminder about this, but please don’t hate me because of it, it would just be really neat if Cliff won!

Thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

very proud rockwife

cliff’s links:


December 2, 2006. I can't get it out of my head, randomania.

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