Je suis une semicolon;

Someone at work claimed that I overused the exclamation point and it is true; I know sometimes I must sound like a cheeleader or teen girl at a Beatles concert! Like OMG!! I figure it can’t help to add a bit of enthusiasm to an email; just as long as it doesn’t cross the line into MANIC with the use of exclamation points and italics!!!

In any case, even though I know that I am really am not an exclamation point at heart, I did not know quite what my punctuation sign was. That is until I was forwarded this quiz, by the same person who called me on the !!!s.

I share with you:,10443,2012543-,00.html

I am a Semicolon:

You love elegance and subtlety (true). Semicolon women wear gloves to formal events (I did wear gloves to the holiday party last year, again noticed by person forwarding quiz); semicolon men wear cufflinks (or men who are married to semicolons, as CH wears cuff links whenever we get dressed to the nines). You are not afraid of inserting yourself in the midst of conflicting thoughts and opinions (I do try to keep the peace). You never mind when people treat you like a Period (though I could do without my period), but you despise being treated like a Comma(how common!). You make rare appearances (have you seen me at an IKE gig lately?); when you’re not alone, you are often followed by your dear friends however and a Comma (or Connie and Aubs!)

Famous SEMICOLONS: Audrey Hepburn (OMG!!!!! I LOVE AUD!!! whoops, so much for subtlety…) Grace Kelly (sigh…), Halle Berry, James Bond, Sidney Poitier ( I love to Sir with Love), Oprah Winfrey.


November 13, 2006. randomania.

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