It suits you

Today I am wearing a vintage Peck & Peck suit, which can only remind me of my Great Aunt Mimi, who worked for “Peck’s” for almost her entire life.
I now have an appreciation of the quality and cut of the clothes, but when I was a girl growing up it was pennance to have Mimi try to give you some of her clothes- she was always asking what size I wore, but, being a kid you have no idea what size you wear! I would wildly guess and mention a number that I was just hoping was totally inappropriate, however sometimes I would guess wrong and get stuck with a pair of size 7 spectator pumps. Now I would welcome them, but as a kid in the ’70s? Trust me, no one was wearing spectator pumps.

I do wish Mimi and all of her sisters were around now (she died in her 90’s) so we could ask them all of the questions about themselves that we can now only guess the answers to. An amazing amount of history dies when someone is no longer there.

My stylish hat is off to you Mimi, and all of the women in the Peck and Peck suits!


November 8, 2006. lovely ladies.

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