every answer’s buried in a song

Not sure if I am going to be doing this blog thing too much but I thought I’d give it a go and see if it entertains me. Some random notes for today:

The jacket I am wearing today is from a vintage suit that I wore to the Posies reunion show at the Middle East in September 2000. Lynn who worked with Bri had an extra ticket and I ended up staying for both shows, I made Amy get her photo taken with Ken Posie. Within  a few days I moved away from Mass, so that night is a fond memory.

Edited on November 18 to add- I just came across the photos from when Cliff and I saw Paul McCartney a few years back and was wearing the same suit! I was definitely trying to channel A Hard Day’s Night with that one, and it worked, we had excellent seats on the floor and it was truly a fab experience!

Song going through my head all morning PCH One- how can you not love a song that usese catalyst AND panacea in the same sentence?

Speaking of, am I the only person in the world who thinks that the missives coming out of Ashmont Records are some of the most entertaining and hilarious emails out there? Can’t wait to see tbe PBs in Philly in Dec.

Had to laugh when digging through some old videos last night and found that both CH and I had copies of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. What that says about both of us I’m not sure….


October 20, 2006. I can't get it out of my head, randomania.

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